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The Company´s Commitment to Quality

We, The Board of Directors of the Company, have decided that since September 9, 1997, the Quality Management System (QMS), has to be introduced and maintained according to the ISO9001 standard, and conditions for its sustainable effectiveness to be created. We will be the leading persons in that effort. The function of Quality Manager was created as the Member of the Board, superior to all Company workers.

As essential we consider:

Maintaining the knowledge of all Company workers on importance of fulfilling the requirements of Customers and interested Parties,

General Focus of the Company by specifying the Quality Policy and its application into partial tasks,

Assigning the resources to achieve the intentions,

– Creating the feedback by regular reviews of the QMS function and its effectiveness by the Board of Directors.


For additional information regarding the Quality Policy, contact us by e-mail quality@ryston.cz or by the contact form, see below.

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