KVM switch

KVMswitch is a device for switching USB keyboards and mice for multiple PC using one keyboard and mouse.

User can define cursor jumps between monitors. Therefore layout of monitors can be placed almost randomly. The keyboard activity is applied where the is mouse cursor. User can communicate with chosen PC by only one keyboard thanks to mouse cursor location.

The KVM device consists of motherboard with USB Function interfaces (one cabel for both keyboard and mouse) and two USB Host interfaces to real keyboard and mouse.

It is possible to connect an extension videosignal switching module to the motherboard.

Current version of the KVM switch solves particular custom requests (5xPC) and it is easily extendable and configurable for almost unlimited ammount of computers and connected monitors.

The whole system is powered by USB interface controlled by controlled PCs or by an external power supply. It is necessary for these devices to support a standard USB-HID.

The KVMswitch does not interfere with controlled computers and works regardless of the OS and applications running on those OS. It is  possible to create centrally controlled workstation (control room) with different hardware components and operating systems.

For configuration and parameter setting serves special USB interface and the configuration is saved in EEPROM memory.

The KVMswitch device is a net of PIC32MX processors communicating with each other.