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The R&D department of Ryston Electronics consists of highly skilled technicians equipped with modern developing tools for electronic systems.

We render the following expertise and services:

  • cooperating in customer projects combining physical and technical analyses
  • evaluating variable approaches and selecting the optimum path to success
  • drawing electric schemes considering availability of parts, technological possibilities and customer requirements
  • designing printed circuit boards (PCBs) including mechanical solutions and layouts meeting production, testing, servicing and environmental requirements
  • preparing data for PCB production in collaboration with local and foreign PCB manufacturers
  • PCB assembling – from manual mounting to large-scale assemblies in partner facilities
  • post-production development and application of test fixtures
  • Quality Management System support
  • product filing and tracing
  • assembling final products from parts
  • preparing technical documentation
  • cooperation with manufacturers in product certification and launching
  • performing electrical and thermal tests
  • maintenance and repair services
  • and many more...

For designing we mainly use Mentor Graphics PADS for which we maintain own libraries based on technological knowledge and cooperation with production partners.

We can design PCBs of any shape and size for both common and special operational requirements considering customers‘ price/reliability requirements and component/technology preferences. As a rule, our PCBs also contain intelligent devices (such as processor with memories or programmable logic) and power circuits (own or subsystem power supplies, power switches, motor and other mechanical drivers, converters), especially where quality and safety certificates are required.

In short, our main products are custom designed and well manufactured PCBs, typically equipped with basic software (tests, sampling programs, configuration demo applications, etc.).

Our customers are mostly professionals - companies dealing with electronic system applications who are able to specify and apply systems professionally but do not want to be concerned with the technological and logistic issues that Ryston can flexibly provide.