Where you can visit us

We are seated in a new own building at the address: Pod vinici 2045/18, CZ-143 00 Praha 4 - Modrany, Czech Republic. Our headquarters, sales department, main stock and technical department are located there.

    What are we doing

We are a major Czech distributor of electronic components, operating on both the local market and the global distributors´ network. Technical department, dealing with design, development and manufacturing of electronic systems, supports the customers with technical information, design and application notes and testing.

Our Stock supplies all kinds of electronic components: integrated circuits, discrete semiconductors, optoelectronics as the primary point of interest. Other components like resistors, capacitors and other passive components, connectors (board-to-board, board-to-cable), magnetic materials, electromechanical and solid state relays, overvoltage protectors, crystals and oscillators, batteries and other complete the range of most demands. The stock content is updated regularly.

Services offered to customers: According to customer demands, we are ready to serve:

  • Deliveries from stock. Maintaining our extensive stock with more than 60,000 items, we can satisfy most orders immediately. Our sales software contains references to most relevant technical information (data sheets etc.) either in paper or electronic form helps our educated sales staff to recommend/specify the most suitable type to customer’s needs, and also to notify them of differences or availability changes. We do not have a fixed price list as the world prices change rapidly. We process particular fax, e-mail or phone inquiries. Price and conditions are set on the ground of quantity, required shipment date and payment arrangement, as well as the history of relations with the customer. Goods are shipped by UPS, DHL and other express carriers within 24 hours of order processing.
    In co-operation with our European and American partners we also offer components and subsystems from their catalogues and databases.

  • Authorized distribution of components of manufacturers with whom we have a Distributor/Agent agreement (Fujitsu Takamisawa - relays, Magnetics - ferrites and powder cores, Ledtech - opto, displays, Aries - special interconnection components and sockets, Michrochip – microcontrollers and Linears, Semelab - high reliability and power components, and others.) including application support.

    Value added: Extensive library of Data Sheets, Application Notes and Development Tools and Knowledge.

  • Deliveries for production. On the base of a customer product part-list we guarantee planned regular deliveries of all parts for a particular quantity and time period. This eliminates customer´s risk of part inavailabilty, price change and over-stock. We can accept requirements to maintain some particular features or parameters (Mfg., uniform date code or batch no., temperature range etc.) or, in case of component unavailability, we can find an equivalent type in our database and offer it.

  • Problem solving - searching for a hard to get part in a global data base, or supplying with shortest delivery times. Thanks to our access to a number of global databases of distributors´ stock we are probably one of few who can get the right part for which your production line is waiting.

Technical department is capable to design, develop, test and manufacture electronic equipment according to the specification, and. help to start the production at the customer premises.

We have specialized to microprocessor/controller applications, telecom/datacom, data transmission and switching, industrial control, power electronics and other special designs. The department takes care of sales and application support, technical library, testing and, in case of customer complaints, diagnostics of defective components.

We understand the Advisory as a free customer service to select the best combination of quality, performance, price and delivery conditions.

Next step is an offer of paid consulting and other services, up to a complete design, development, sampling, certification and production start, component validation, development of test equipment for the customer.

Company History – History of Success

1991 - RYSTON started, visit to companies and universities in USA, essential agreements prospected.
1992 - RYSTON Electronics Ltd. registered. Company develops rapidly.
1993 - Moving to a new address, RYSTON known as distributing and designing company.
1994 - Registered at Dun and Bradstreet´s - Financial liability for the world    .
1995 - Moving to a newly opened building at Prague-Modrany, first financial audit.
1996 - ISDN Era - development of an ISDN PBX family for Czech customer.
1997 - Entering Europe - ISDN router designed for a German customer. Ryston presented on web.
1998 - Ernst & Young supported Ryston Quality system introduction.
1999 - Quality control system certified according to ISO9001 by SGS.
2000 - New IS selection and implementation. Attending the Electronica 2000 exhibition in Munich, Germany.
2001 - QMS re-certified according to  ISO9001:2000. Online sales system.
2002 - Water floods in Prague, following measures. Purchase of the new grounds.
2003 - Initial project considerations of the new building project. Vacuum packing implemented.
2004 - Thermal cycle chamber amd LED spectrometer and goniomenter purchase. Leadfree technology.
2005 - CeBIT Show Participation. Entering the WEEE and Recycling Systems.
2006 - ESD, MSL compliant Warehouse project. Amper 2006 Show.
2007 - Architecture of the new building. Customer marking, bar codes, new storage system implemented.
2008 - New building finished. Moving to new premises. New R&D Lab. New Global Customers.
2009 - Completing the labs. New employees, new projects. ISO9001:2008 certified.
2010 - Diving lights developing for scuba diving and military purposes
2011 - Beginning of successful cooperation with LINET company on developing a medical mattresses and other medical devices
2012 - Strategic alliance with 2N Telekomunikace company, purchase of assembly machine
2013 - Quality management certification ISO9001
2014 - Entry to embedded systems world and developing first own embedded system
2015 - Strategic alliance with TOLLNET company

Our Staff

More than 40 persons are employed at Ryston. Our personnel are highly educated and trained specialists, working in flexible inter-disciplinary teams. According to the company strategy, their qualification is maintained and raised by regular trainings. Employees are supported by a proprietary social and benefit program.


Component Sales and Distribution, Purchasing Department
Stock and Logistics Department
Technical and Quality Department
Accounting and Financial Department
Property Management Department

Our Qualities - What We Offer    
Knowledge:     We know what we are selling and we know how to use it.
Quality:            Both goods and services. Assistance and Technical Help.
Readiness:    Our stock is ready to serve most demands immediately.
Care:            We fulfill our promises. We advise customers. Relations based on mutual confidence.