• Electronic component wholesale and stock
  • Authorized distribution and manufacturers´ agency
  • Searching for components in global distributor net
  • Electronic component of the best quality with proof of origin
  • Delivering of electronic component batches for production, just in time
  • Technical department - Design, development of electronic devices
  • Sales technical support
  • Testing and qualifying of components
  • Manufacturing and servicing of electronic systems
  • Consulting, documentation
  • Production launch support at customer´s premises
  • Integration to customer´s quality management system

We are a leading distributor of electronic components in the Czech Republic as well as on the global distribution market. Our R&D department designs and manufactures electronic devices and provides product maintenance and repair services. Our sales are based on highly qualified consultancy and testing capacities.

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Ryston Electronics s.r.o.
Pod vinicí 2045/18
143 00 Prague 4 - Modřany
Czech Republic


+420 225 272 111


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Mo - Fr
7:30am - 4:00pm