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We are a leading distributor of electronic components in the Czech Republic, but intensively operate on the global distribution market too. Our R&D department designs and manufactures electronic devices and provides product maintenance and repair services. Our sales are based on highly qualified consultancy and testing capacities.

Our product portfolio includes all types of electronic components: integrated circuits, discrete semiconductors, opto-electronic components, resistors, capacitors, inductors and other passive components, connectors (board-cable connection, board-board connection, magnetic components and materials, electromechanical and semiconductor relays, overvoltage protection components, crystals, oscillators, batteries and other electric parts. The product range is completed with modules and sets.

The R&D department provides custom designs of electronic devices, sampling and small-scale production and production implementation support.

We specialize in telecommunications, digital switch systems, measuring, data transfer and storage, industrial control, power electronics, signal and universal processors and other fields as required by our customers.

The department is responsible for technical documentation, technical library, consultancy and component application support.

Main Contacts



Ryston Electronics s.r.o.
Pod vinicí 2045/18
143 00 Prague 4 - Modřany
Czech Republic


+420 225 272 111


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Goods issuing

Mo - Fr
7:30am - 4:00pm